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Elite Level Networking Wade Alters
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Would You Like To Confidently Communicate With The Social Elite, Surround Yourself With Highly Successful Friends, And Get Industry Experts To Teach You Their Secrets For Free?
"The Quality Of Your Life Is In Direct Proportion To The Quality Of Your Relationships." - Tony Robbins

Whatup! Wade Alters here, Lead Trainer and Founder of 3impact.

Ever since I was a young, wet behind the ears boy growing up in the suburbs of Wisconsin, I've always looked for shortcuts.

Early on this led to poor grades in my cursive writing classes, but that same "hack the system" mentality has also led to much of my fast success.

Some of that came from tips I learned in self development books Some of it came from online courses and seminars.

.but the best way to "hack the system" and reach your goals fastest is by surrounding yourself with successful friends and mentors who already have the success you're trying to achieve.

Now I'm sure you're thinking. "But that's the problem Wade! I don't know any of these so called successful people, or how to reach out to them!"

And trust me, I get it, my first few attempts at networking were embarrassingly awkward.

(And this was AFTER I spent nearly half a decade as an expert dating coach teaching men how to approach and talk to women in nightclubs!)
How I Awkwardly Decoded The Secret Language Of The Networking Elite So You Don't Have To

When I started 3impact, I knew the quickest way to build the business would be to find entrepreneurs and pick their brains for the insider goods.

.but when I went to my first few "networking meetups," I did everything completely wrong.

I wouldn't say the right things, I wouldn't dress properly, and most of the first few people I met. Well, let's just say I've never seen most of them again. LOL! (awkward)

But with each new interaction, patterns started to emerge, and I started "trading up" and meeting more and more successful people.

.slowly I entered the realm of what I call "The Social Elite," the type of people who's bulging rolodexes would include celebrities, US presidents, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

.and at this level of networking, it was uncanny to see how each and every one of them acted almost exactly the same:

- From how they set up the meeting.
- To the beliefs they had about their "social network".
- To the questions they asked.
- To how they followed up with me after our meeting.

I realized there really was a "secret code" to elite level networking, and I've broken it down into a front-to-back framework that anyone can learn.
Learn A Simple Paint By Numbers System To Network More Effectively, Find Successful Mentors, And Get Them Emotionally Invested In Your Success

This is what The Elite Level Networking Success Blueprint is all about.

I've broken everything down into a step by step process to help you network more effectively.

In the first section we'll dive into the right mindsets. You'll learn:

How to cultivate your "networking garden," so you'll never need to worry about finding the right business partner, a job, or mentor again.

The biggest mistake that holds most people back from getting started, and what motivates The Social Elite to continually build their network.

And an action plan to tangibly "become more successful" in the eyes of the people you meet, so that you can feel confident and worthy of their friendship.

Then we'll break down how to best prepare for the meetup. You'll learn:

Step-by-step how to always have the perfect introduction that builds trust and admiration to start your interactions off right.

How to apply sneaky internet marketing tactics to make your online profiles look more successful, leading to more meetups and having them excited to connect with you.

How to turn yourself into an internet Sherlock Holmes and research the other person effectively, so that you have more confidence going into the meeting and never run out of things to say.

And the secret question ALL elite level networkers use to know instantly if you are on the inside and worthy to connect with, and the best response to easily pass the test.

Then we'll start hammering the brass tacks and get started. Including:

Where to find the type of people you should be reaching out to, with cookie cutter examples of how to use email, social media, or the phone to connect. As well as bad emails and what NOT to do.

An action plan to meet your "superstar connectors," the type of people that could completely transform your business overnight.

And I've included an interview with THE BEST networker I know who breaks down his entire system in a bonus hour video.

And in the final section we'll dive into some "inner game" issues:

Applying the principles I've taught as a dating coach to networking more effectively, and persuade and influence successful "high status people" to think you're part of the crowd.

How to blast through insecurities and stop worrying about what other people think of you.

And easy exercises to handle social pressure like a world-class negotiator, to feel at ease and comfortable in any interaction.

Imagine having your 5 closest friends being exactly where you want to be in life, and the habits, skills, and mindsets they've developed through years of experience influencing your own behavior, and ultimately your success like osmosis.

Imagine finding that perfect mentor that you would never be able to afford, and having them work with you for free (And be actively engaged in making sure you're successful).

I truly believe that the ability to connect and network with others is one of the most powerful skills you can develop.

And I've developed a simple system that you can easily learn to get started NOW and join the ranks of "The Social Elite."

Now in the past, this system was only available to my private coaching clients and in my high ticket courses starting at upwards of $600.

But for a limited time, I'd like to give you access to The Elite Level Networking Systemô for only $47.
It's All Yours. For Only $47

Yes, literally for under $50 you can get.

.A step-by-step Success BLUEPRINT that walks you through how to reach out to successful people more effectively and turn them into your closest friends and confidants.

.leading to growing your business faster, and an overall feeling of happiness and joy with boatloads of great people in your life.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is spending MONTHS, YEARS, and THOUSANDS of dollars accidentally "re-inventing the wheel" in their business.

.there they are, working nonstop, busting their ass trying to get their business off the ground and pounding their head against the wall lost and confused.

When literally a 10 minute conversation with the right mentor could fix the problem immediately.

All it takes is a few simple tweaks in your mindset and behavior, an action plan to make it happen, and soon enough you'll be filling your calendar with the type of people that could radically transform your life.

The choice is yours.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below and level up your networking skillset TODAY.
YES! I want to become an Elite Networker NOW!

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