Jonathan Altfeld - Persuasion Tactics Power Summit With Christopher Tomasulo

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Jonathan Altfeld - Persuasion Tactics Power Summit With Christopher Tomasulo

Jonathan Altfeld - Persuasion Tactics Power Summit with Christopher Tomasulo
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Description Dear Friend Who Wants To Be More Persuasive In Every Interpersonal Communication,
If you'd like to...

* Create Hypnotically Irresistible Communication That's Impossible To Resist...
* Summon Powerhouse Leverage When Negotiating Purchases, a Higher Salary, or Promotion...
* Eradicate Problems and Conflict In Dealings With Clients as well as Romantic Partner(s)...
* Utilize A Fail-Safe Method That Others Have Used To Close 23% More Sales With 50% Less Effort...

...then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:
Master the Jealously Guarded Secrets of Getting Anyone... to Do What You Want... When You Want... and Like It... Without Manipulation!

Now, I know you've seen a hundred letters like this on the internet.

I also know that there are dozens of sales and persuasion trainers out there that tell you their way is the best.

Finally, I know that the claims I've made may seem a bit ambitious. That's why I'd like to take a moment and give you three reasons to believe what I'm saying:
Reason One:

I don't have twenty acronyms after my name, I haven't written twenty books, and I don't have a degree in psychology. What I do have is 10 years of hard-core, down-to-earth, applied knowledge and experience in sales, persuasion and direct marketing, direct from the front lines all the way up to the corporate ivory tower.

If you're able to stay with me throughout this letter I'll show you how YOU can become one of the top 1% of all elite persuaders in the world.
Reason Two:

For ten years I've been in "commission only" sales. I've only made money when I sold, my sales reps sold, or my affiliate offices sold.

Over the years I've field tested everything from traditional closes to advanced NLP language patterns to international negotiating strategies. Some of it worked, some of the time. Not often enough for my taste.

Through successes and many failures I adjusted what worked and didn't work and added my own techniques and strategies that were clearly missing from each of the methods I was told were "the best." In other words, I refined my own unique system of persuasion that you can use in personal relationships and in sales to produce phenomenally fast and effective results.

Using these same tactics that I am going to teach you, I went from being a rank-and-file salesman, who personally sold over 1,300 vacation packages (at $1500+ a pop) closing each sale in just one phone call, to a manager who has taught over 700 sales people to make a living at commission-only sales, to a partner who ran the finances of a privately held sales company that grossed $8,444,000.00 a year, to a consultant who works less than 30 hours a month.

All this was accomplished in 4 short years (1997-2001).

Along the way I've made my partners and the companies I've consulted for over 50 million dollars and have kept a fair share for myself.
Reason Three:

I wrote Reason Two to show you I have had a very successful business life outside selling you seminars on how to persuade (or the home-study Videos and now DVDs that resulted). Before I ever even considered doing a seminar, my passion was using my persuasion ability to make myself and my clients three or four 18-wheelers full of cash. And I still pursued my passion long after The Persuasion Tactics Power Summit was held in November 2001.

How many of those guys you see hawking seminars have even made 10% of what they make now BEFORE they started giving seminars?
Here is a summary of the persuasion tactics we covered within 8 hours of our Home-Study Course:

* 17 Ways To Use Persuasion To Negotiate. Never Pay Retail Again!
* 5 State-Of-The-Art Trust-Building Methods. Inspire UNLIMITED trust in your clients, co-workers and loved ones and make them fiercely loyal to you.
* 2 Unique Ways To Eliminate Conflicts - FOREVER!
* The Objection Forecaster. How to know any likely objections to an idea, product, service or proposal BEFORE you even meet with your contact. Have all the time you need to prepare the perfect rebuttal in advance.
* The Strange, Fail-Safe "Big Left-Toe" Method. How a 45 year old friend used this Method to launch himself into his own personal heaven-on-earth by getting three knockout girlfriends and securing a job where he works less than 15 hours a week from his house and pulls in over $2000 a week.
* Gain people's attention easily and get others to see the world as you do- IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY.
* The Cold Call Reluctance Wipe-Out. Wipe out your fears of making a cold call, meeting a stranger, or talking to someone that intimidates you in less than 60 seconds with this weird but effective technique.
* How To Get Inside Your Clients, Lovers, Or Bosses Head. Make Any Of Your Ideas "Their Ideas" In An Instant.
* The Custom Criteria Installation Technique. How to "Lay down the law" in business and personal relationships and get others to give you exactly what you want.
* The Tactic Generator. Create Custom Persuasion Tactics On-The-Fly For Any Purpose.
* How To Create A "Virtual Character". Have people see you as a more powerful presence. . . exude the charismatic characteristics that draw people like a super-magnet.
* 5 killer Closing Tactics. Say goodbye to the times you felt it was difficult to close a deal because you had poor skill in persuading or negotiating.
* The Argument Defuser. Possess the skills needed to win any argument or make the argument disappear without a trace.
* Dr. Sulo's Law Of Perceptual Difference. An author who's been dead for 80 years reveals to you the secret reason people have conflicts and how this simple concept can "turn the tables" on the 55% divorce rate in this country. (Understanding this may keep you from becoming a statistic!)
* Discover The 2 Types Of Persuasion. How over 70% of the population is using the wrong type at the wrong time in nearly every personal or business communication.
* 2 Ways To Masterfully Influence The Powers That Be In Your Workplace. Rapidly move up in any company!
* 4 Ways To Hypnotically Captivate Your Audience. Persuasion as applied by preachers, cult leaders, advertisers and how you can use their techniques to sky rocket your success.
* The Four Criteria Dances. Enhance your personal relationships and have a magnetic impact upon the opposite sex.
* 26 Powerful Language Patterns. Creating irresistible communication that makes it impossible to say "no."
* "Boundary Builders". How to stop doing too much for others and start having them fulfill your needs and wants- CHEERFULLY!
* 2 "Killer" Motivation Strategies. Kick Start Yourself To Get What You Want In Life.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why I can do all those things.

Let me explain.

First of all, I didn't do it alone! I know we included an awful lot in just 8 hours of DVD material, plus the manuals.

In fact, at first I didn't think we could train it all in just 2 days, let alone edit it down to 8 hours, and still include the brunt of the key material. That's when Jonathan Altfeld stepped in. Jonathan Altfeld is an internationally known Neuro Linguistic Programming trainer.From what Jonathan tells me he used complicated technology like Boolean/Fuzzy Logic, Backward-Chaining vs Forward-Chaining and other really cool techniques to map out what I have done successfully and translate and simplify all of that into a "killer" system that YOU Can Use From Day One!

Because of Jonathan, we have successfully compressed what would have taken me at least three weeks to teach you into 8 very exciting hours of material on DVD, supported by printed material.

It still blows my mind that you are going to be able to learn in such a short time what has taken me ten years to refine.The problem is... 98% of the Information You Read About Marketing, Sales and Persuasion is either Incomplete, Ineffective, Simply Too Complicated or Confusing, Requires Too Much Memorization or.... You Need To Change Your Whole Personality to make it work in real life!

Have you ever gone to a sales, motivation or persuasion type seminar or ordered the resulting home-study materials before? Most of us have...

Although there are some good ones out there, almost every one of them has at at least one of four common flaws:

1. They are outdated and are still trying to promote techniques that don't work anymore now that we're in the information age where consumers, spouses, and people in general are smarter, savvier and "HATE TO BE SOLD."
2. They use technology taken from therapy and psychology and attempt to adapt it to sales and relationship persuasion.
3. They are highly motivational and you come home feeling like you drank 50 cups of coffee, ready to conquer the world.... only to find out a few days later you are unable to apply even a fraction of what you thought you learned.
4. They have great information but fail to tie it all together so you can integrate it into your life and unique personality.

Warning: Do NOT buy any persuasion or sales training material unless it meets the following 5 criteria

Since there are so many hucksters who try to get you to "buy into" their trainings, I thought it might be helpful if I presented you with some criteria to make sure you get the most out of every dollar you invest:

* Only Invest In Sales/Persuasion Trainings Conducted By Persuaders Who Have Successfully Persuaded and Sold In The Real World. (Measured In Dollars and Cents OUTSIDE THE SEMINAR CIRCUIT.)
* The Training Needs To Address Both Personal And Business Persuasion Situations. In my years of associating with sales professionals, I've met many who were top sales people at work and horrible persuaders at home. Eventually, this took a toll, financially and emotionally. In The Persuasion Tactics Power Summit we cover both issues and explain in detail how both require different tactics and which tactics to use when.
* Do NOT buy a training if the trainer suggests they (or their friends) are the only one(s) you will need to train with. I learn new things everyday from tons of people. There is some EXCELLENT material on persuasion out there. Obviously, anyone who claims they're the only one you need to learn from is either trying to start a cult or is afraid other people's material may be better. I will not only show you what I know at the seminar, but will direct you to others that I believe will expand your abilities as well.
* The training should not require you to change your entire personality. Too many sales, negotiation, and relationship persuasion teachers ask you to talk differently than you normally would, change your demeanor, use language patterns that sound totally unnatural if not downright stupid, or flagrantly manipulate people in a way that makes you and everyone around you feel unsettled. This is the main reason people don't incorporate most of the persuasion techniques they learn into their life. When you leave the Persuasion Tactics Power Summit, you won't have to talk like me, act like me, or even think like me to make this material work. You won't need to manipulate anyone. You will learn to be compelling and persuasive in a natural and non-offensive way. You will succesfully persuade people in the way you've always wanted to.
* Only Invest In Trainings & Home Study Materials That Give You At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth, Risk-Free! With my material, you'll get at least 20 times your money's worth! I had 13 people prepared to pay $3,500 apiece to see me for the two days of the original Persuasion Summit seminar. That would have been $45,500.00, and I wouldn't have to do one damn thing to collect -- if that's only what I'd wanted. That's Not What I Wanted! You see, I had a selfish motive and my selfish motive is going to pay off BIG for you.

(Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

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